Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection Review

Sometimes you just need a nice natural eye.... How? *drumroll* Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection

What ~ Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow ...9 shadows with instruction cards!

Thoughts ~ Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow is an eye palette that contains 9 shadows (3 different 'natural eye' looks), a dual-ended brush and the instructions to go along with them! Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection is definitely for girls that don't always go all out with the makeup during the day, as well as those who need to/like to tone it down for work. The thing I really love is that there are 3 different options for 'natural eyes', so there is no boring routine of the same ol 'natural eye' look everyday! I like to shuffle the cards around, close my eyes, and pick one! The quality of the shadows themselves is phenominal.  Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection has some of the most pigmented shadows I have ever used. I find that Too Faced always has superior quality makeup. It's one of my personal top 3 makeup brands by a long shot. The great thing about Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection is that is has all the components to make a killer smoky eye that's nice and dark as well! It doesn't always have to be used as a natural eye look. The colours combine to make a good 4 different smoky eyes as well. Just be creative-there are so many options when you have 9 different shadows. Can you tell I am a fan??

Any Complaints? ~My only complaint about the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection is the shadow brush. The liner brush included is great, but the shadow "brush" is one of those sponge-end contraptions. A superior quality company like Too Faced should include a great shadow brush in there. Not a huge problem to have though, seeing most of us gals have about 9 million different brushes anyway.

Price ~ Roughly $43

Verdict ~ There are so many different possibilities with the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection, I think it is definitely worth the $43. The shadows last a fair amount of time as well, as they are so pigmented, you won't need to use a lot each time!

Find it ~ You can find Too faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection at Sephora, or on Amazon (It's only $34)


  1. Yes this is my favourite! I have a bit of a problem with the really glittery pink shade so just use it on my shoulders and décolletage (I think I missed an accent there). I don't get why that one falls under the "day" section either. I got mine as a gift and the brush was missing so can't comment on that. I use my Stila brush.

  2. Ashley Rhodes9:06 AM

    Thats actually pretty cool.
    Why is everything on Amazon so inexpensive? awesome. i think it's shopping time for me